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There are several ways to integrate NiftyPay's payment acceptance services into your website. Below are examples of the three most popular ordering formats. Each format presents the same products so that you can determine which format will work the best for you. (NOTE: if already a customer, a personalized version is available in your control panel that will use your account information)

BuyNow Format

    The simplest ordering method available. You simply display an image and/or description of your product with an attached "Buy Now" button (or a similar button of your choice).

    No "order form" is required. When the "Buy Now" button is clicked, your customer is taken directly to an order form on the secure server. When the order is complete, the customer is returned to your site. Please note that the BuyNow Format can be used for the purchase of one item at a time.


Secure "Split" Form

    If you don't have a secure server of your own, the Split Form will provide the security you need. This exclusive iTransact technology enables you to accept payments online using our secure server. No CGI experience is necessary. All scripting is performed online by our transaction server.

Standard Form

    The Standard Form is suggested only if you have your own secure server. The customer's name, address, email address, and account information are requested on one form on your server. If you do not have a secure server, please use one of the other options listed above.



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