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NiftyPay EFT / ACH eCheck Services

NiftyPay's ACH / EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer):
Allow Your Customers to Pay Online by eCheck

How ACH / EFT eChecks Work

ACH / EFT eCheck Features
ACH / EFT eCheck Processing Fees
How to Begin
Frequently Asked Questions

How ACH / EFT eChecks

  • Customer completes your online order form, providing checking account information.
  • Submitted form is accepted by iTransact's secure server via a secure SSL socket.
  • Customer's ABA information is immediately verified against a national database.
  • Order confirmation is sent to you and to your customer.
  • Using a computer system not connected to the Web, Checkgateway (the ACH/EFT processor) will initiate an electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your customer's bank account to yours.    

ACH / EFT eCheck Features

Additional Payment Acceptance Ability

The more payment options that are available to your customers, the more likely it is that they will purchase from you. Though much of the buying public uses credit cards, many consumers either do not hold them or prefer not to use them. Only one out of four checking account customers hold credit cards with available lines of credit. Why limit your business to accepting only one form of payment? Accepting customers who prefer checking accounts will greatly expand your customer base.

With ACH eChecks, our services enable you to accept payment from personal and business checking accounts. No credit card merchant account is required.

Instead of waiting for the "check in the mail" and matching payments to orders, ACH eChecks enable you to accept secure payments online. Billing expenses such as postage, invoicing, and bookkeeping are eliminated.    

No Hardware or Software Required

ACH / EFT eCheck services are included in's suite of services and is quickly and easily integrated into your existing online order forms. No software or hardware is required by you or your customers! Once's services are in place on your site, your work is done. When a customer places an order on your site, you and your customer receive immediate verification of the order. The information you receive includes the customer's name, address, phone number, e-mail address, items ordered, and the order total.    

Eliminate the Need for Your Own Secure Server

Since NiftyPay's partner offers complete security on payments from any web site, there is no need for you or your customers to worry about information theft. As a result, you can eliminate your need for a secure server.

Our system enables your customers to order online without ever having to transmit their account information over a non-secure Internet connection. Our services (including EFT) are designed to work via the Internet using a proprietary system, PGP encryption and SSL. You do not need to invest in any security features for your site. (Click here for a detailed explanation of our security.)    

All US Checking Accounts Accepted

ACH / EFT is available to any merchant in the world who accepts payment in US funds. Customers can use checking accounts drawn on US banks.    

ACH / EFT eCheck Processing Fees

In order to use ACH / EFT eChecks, you must have an account with Checkgateway, a trusted EFT processor. Rates are as follows:

  • No Application Fee
  • Discount Rate (per transaction percentage): 1.25%
  • Transaction fees (total): $0.50
  • Returned item fee: $2.50
  • Monthly maintenance fee: $15.00

Checkgateway's fees are above and beyond NiftyPay's prices.

Restrictions: ACH / EFT account requests are subject to review by Checkgateway. Checkgateway is unable to work with merchants in the travel industry or those who provide adult entertainment.

How to Begin

ACH / EFT is available once you have registered with

To begin accepting ACH / EFT payments, download the ACH / EFT application listed below (pdf file), complete and fill in the information, and then send us the paperwork via fax or mail. Once we receive the paperwork form you, we will forward your information to Checkgateway, who will complete the setup process.

Download ACH / EFT Check Acceptance Application: Click Here

Download Application Instructions: Click Here


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