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NiftyPlay (aka Pay to Play) is ideal for small or seasonal merchants that want the ability to accept credit cards, but process less than 100 credit card transactions each month (average).

NiftyPay Pro is a full-fledged payment processing gateway account for merchants with higher processing volume greater than 100 credit card payments/orders each month on average. An excellent choice for virtually any type of business.

NiftyPlay (pay to play)
NiftyPay Pro
Use if average number of monthly CC transactions will be:
less than 100
more than 100
Setup/Registration Fee
Annual Gateway Fee
$35.00 /yr.
Monthly Gateway Fee
( quarterly billing )

First Month Free!

$15.00 w/CCMA
$19.50 your CCMA

Monthly Gateway Transactions
( transaction load allowed )
up to 100 **
( 25 cents each after first 100 )
Unlimited w/ our CCMA vendor
up to 500 w/ your CCMA *
Online Virtual Terminal
Credit Card
Merchant Account (CCMA)

No Setup Fee
No Monthly Minimums

(requires separate bank application, CCMA billing/rates are separate from NiftyPay billing/rates)

Click Here for CCMA rates or more info

Use your own or use our vendor:

Click Here for our CCMA rates
Contract or Minimum Period of use
( NiftyPay Only - CCMA excluded )
Countries Served
( CCMA platform dependent )
USA, Canada

ACH / EFT eCheck Acceptance
Click Here for more info

Credit Card Merchant Account
Click Here for more info

ACH / EFT eCheck Acceptance
Click Here for more info

Where to Begin
Click: NiftyPlay Signup
Click NiftyPay Pro Signup

* The NiftyPay Pro ( not using our CCMA vendor ) gateway option charges no per-transaction fees for the first 500 transactions each month. Each transaction over 500 is subject to an additional 17-cent per-transaction fee ( applies only if you do more than 500 transactions in a calendar month on a NiftyPay Pro plan. Approx 99% of all merchants do less than 500 per month ). NiftyPay Pro using our CCMA vendors comes with unlimited gateway transactions.

** The NiftyPlay gateway option charges no per-transaction fees for the first 100 transactions each month. Each transaction over 100 is subject to an additional 25-cent per-transaction fee (applies only if you do more than 100 transactions in a calendar month on a NiftyPlay "pay to play" plan). Tests ( using pre-determined testing data ) and partial transaction attempts are not included in counts.

Note: Number of monthly transactions also includes nightly batch headers (aka settlement transactions). These occurr only when there is a successful transaction processed prior to the settlement time each day, which is basically when the order batch is set to be processed so you get your funds.

CCMA = Credit Card Merchant Account.


To accept credit card payments, you must have a Credit Card Merchant Account. Merchant Account banks charge and bill their fees separate from any billing NiftyPay sends you. CCMA fees, such as the discount rate, are subracted from each transaction settlement transfer (electronic funds transfers) that is made to your business bank account. Also, any other fees required by the CCMA, if any, will be charged electronically against your business bank account after the end of each month. For more information about merchant account rates, please visit our Merchant Account rates page.


If you opt to allow your customers to pay from a checking account, those payments to you can be processed by FAPP, an ACH / EFT (electronic funds transfer) firm. These fees are separate from any NiftyPay based gateway fees and are as follows:

  • No Application Fee
  • Discount Rate (per transaction percentage): 1.25%
  • Transaction fees (total): $0.50
  • Returned item fee: $2.50
  • Monthly maintenance fee: $15.00


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