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T-Shirt ($10.99 each)
Software Package ($110.00 each)
28.8 Modem ($95.99 each)
Chocolate Malt ($2.95)
Strawberry Malt ($2.75)
Vanilla Malt ($2.85)
Octane Laptop XL34 $2,275.95
Intel 233 MHz Pentium
4.1GB Hard Drive
4MB Video RAM
Internal 20X CD-ROM
TV-Out Port
13.3" TFT/DSTN
16-bit Stereo Sound
THX 200 MHz Workstation $2,985.95
Intel 200 MHz Pentium
32MB Sychronous DRAM
3.2GB Hard Drive
QWE 3D Grahics Card 2MB SDRAM
15" CRT .28dp Monitor
33.6 Fax Modem
16-bit PCI Sound Card
Enhanced Software Collection titles