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Already have a Credit Card Merchant Account? | ACH / EFT Check Acceptance | Unacceptable CCMA Businesses

To accept credit card payments anywhere, you need a Credit Card Merchant Account (aka CCMA). We offer CCMA accounts through National Processing Company (NPC), which requires a 3 year commitment and can be used anywhere the processing platform the CCMA is based on is supported, However, to offset this commitment, we have negotiated low monthly statement fees and no minimum monthly transaction fees with them. But note that NiftyPay has an open commitment terms on the gateway itself, so you can use the gateway as long as you need it.

One-time Application/Setup Fee FREE w/
Gateway Signup
Qualified Discount Rate
(percentage of each total sale processed)
2.15% **
Per Transaction (includes NABU) 27¢
(address verification - reduces risk and fraud. per transaction)
Batch Headers
(cost to submit order totals - submitted once daily,
but only if transactions exist that day)
Monthly Minimums NONE!
Monthly Statement Fee $5.00

CCMA fees are calculated in addition AND separately from any NiftyPay based gateway costs.

** Qualified rates are based upon standard US issued consumer credit card transactions. Non-qualified cards (corporate cards and consumer credit cards issued by banks in countries outside the USA) fall under what is called a "non-qualified discount rate" that is applied to individual transactions, as follows: qualified rate + 1.3%
(example: 2.15% + 1.3% for "non-qualified discount rate" of 3.45%)

If you apply for a credit card merchant account during NiftyPay gateway registration, you do not need to fill out a separate Credit Card Merchant Account inquiry form. The gateway signup process collects initial information that will be used to contact you for completion of the additional application forms required for all new credit card merchant accounts.

ACH eChecks

With NiftyPay, you can accept electronic checks drafts (ACH eChecks) without a credit card merchant account. A separate application must be returned to us. If approved by the underwriting company, you will then be able to process checks online through the NiftyPay gateway. Click Here for ACH eCheck rate information.

Already have a Merchant Account?

If you already have a Credit Card Merchant Account (CCMA), you can use your CCMA with NiftyPay Pro, provided that your CCMA utilizes one of the processing networks listed below - Click Here for more info on individual platform requirements.

Please note that NiftyPlay, aka "NiftyPay 2 Play", requires use of NPC CCMA services, which means only our recommended CCMA services may be used. The NiftyPay Pro gateway package may use any supported CCMA platform listed below:

  • FIRST DATA - CANADA (Canadian CCMA only)
  • PAYMENTECH (Gensar)
  • NDC - Atlanta East Platform (GLOBALPAY/GPS/CNET)
  • TSYS / VITAL (Visanet)
  • ELAVON (manual only - formerly NOVA)

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