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This Toolkit is intended for use by novice web designers as well as advanced web developers. It brings together all information necessary to create a powerful online transaction system using the HTML or XML implementations of the NiftyPay Powered by iTransact gateway (Note: XML information is available only in the Developer's Guide in PDF format). There are no additional costs for using the items in this toolkit. Each tool adds unique features to a website, and can be used separately or as a whole. Note: If your script already supports iTransact, then there is no need to make changes.

iTransact Developer's Guide This includes detailed instructions for integration and the advanced features of the Gateway. Covers XML and HTML implementations.
Download File (3.2 MB - 181 Pages - Updated 1/20/10)
Fast Start Guide
This provides the instructions for the quickest implementation and use of the Gateway.
Download File (1.3 MB - 33 Pages - Updated 1/20/10)
FORM POST & INPUT FIELD DETAIL Detailed information about <FORM> POST and required and optional <INPUT> field names and values. Examples are included.
FORM CREATION WIZARDS If you are not familiar with HTML and you are not using a shopping cart that supports iTransact / NiftyPay, your control panel contains Form Wizards will help you create an order form in less than five minutes. To use the form wizard, you may sign in here) (Note: you must be a current customer).
ORDER FORM TEMPLATES Detailed examples that can be used as templates for online order forms are located here. They can be used as-is, or can be altered for the needs of a particular site. Please view the source of the examples for complete details.
PASSBACK FUNCTION The Passback Function makes it possible for you to pass specific information during the transaction process and have the information passed back to your ret_addr after a successful transaction.

This enables web sites to offer real-time delivery of software, information, access to a member-only area, etc. This function also allows information for successful transactions to be written to an online database in real-time.

For example, you may want to send (and receive back) an invoice number, customer identification, PIN numbers, or the contents of *_desc, *_cost, and *_qty.

LOOKUP FUNCTION The Lookup Function allows you to request specific customer data at the time a transaction is initiated. All data requested using the Lookup Function is sent directly to the return address (ret_addr) specified in the initial order form.
The Return Mode Function enables you to by-pass the intermediate "Continue" page that is displayed after a transaction completes. This is useful if you would like your online transaction system to be "transparent" to the end-user. This applies for both valid and declined transactions.
Post Back info
Complete Info
Recurring billing is available for all transactions. Recurring information may be submitted with the original transaction by including two additional fields in your order form or it may be added later to previous transactions via the Transaction Listing. Click Here for Post Back Details. Click Here for Complete Post Back Information
JAVASCRIPT DUPLICATE PREVENTION You may find it necessary to prevent your customers from placing duplicate transactions by pressing the SUBMIT BUTTON multiple times. This simple JavaScript provides an easy solution to this problem.
PGP SIGNATURE VERIFICATION For complete security, transactions are always signed with our PGP Signature when either the Lookup or Passback Function is used. This feature allows you to know that each transaction confirmation was sent by our server. To use this feature, you must have PGP software installed on your server.
The return address field (ret_addr) is a simple hidden field in your order form. It contains the URL that the customer is returned to after a successful transaction. This URL can be a static Web page or a CGI. This field is required for all order forms.

If you have multiple order forms and/or websites using the same account, changing the value of the return address field will enable you to display various "thank you" pages or write to separate databases.

Adding this field in your order form enables you to include personalized messages to your customers. The contents of this field appear in the confirmation email that is sent to the customer's email address.
Fraud Control
Address Verification Systems (AVS) and Card Verification Value (CVV) codes can be used to enhance the security of your online payment service and reduce fraud. Availability of these services depends on your processing network.
Form Tag Options
If you are using a SplitForm or a BuyNow form, the final "checkout" page that appears on the secure server may be modified to match your web site's background color and link color. In addition, you may include your company's logo as a header graphic and display the card types that you are authorized to accept.

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