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Stop Missing Out on Revenue Opportunities

Do you have clients that might be looking for payment processing? Tired of referring your business clients to Big Tech or popular platforms with little to no reward? Then leverage additional revenue streams by reselling NiftyPay payment gateway services!

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Get Total Control

Run your business and serve your customers in exactly the ways you want.

Set your own pricing

Start earning higher transaction-based and monthly recurring revenue by setting up pricing plans based on your desired sales price.

Upsell Advanced Services

Offer value-added services like easy mobile EMV acceptance, advanced fraud protection, electronic invoicing, and secure payment method storage to generate new revenue streams

Even More Partner Benefits

White Labeling

Easily change the gateway branding to match your own: the logo and colors are customizable.

Fast, Flexible Merchant Onboarding

Easily board your merchants and add services to their accounts whenever and however you want.

Simplified Account Management

Manage branding, resellers, merchants, account and user information, plus configure reports all from within your Partner Portal.

Multi-MID management

Merchants can easily manage multiple MIDs from a single gateway account, with automatic transaction routing and load balancing.

Automated Billing

Let us bill your merchants so you don’t have to, with commissions automatically paid to you.

Real-time Commissions Tracking

Keep close tabs on your commissions and get a real-time detailed report at all levels from right within your Partner Portal.

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